Honoured to be one of the first European Emotional Intelligence Coaches in Daniel Golemans Masterclass

Emotional Intelligence is the new Black! In our times of disruptive change and adaptive challenges, practicing EI turns a GOOD LEADER into a real GREAT LEADER. It all starts with deep self-awareness and disciplined self-management.

Thus, learning to practice and coach Emotional Intelligence from thought leader Daniel Goleman and his excellent faculty members is a real privilege. I am grateful to be part of his international Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Class. It is a continuous learning journey and an enriching growth challenge! Since 3 months in the process and more than 6 to 9 months ahead – you have to stay out of your comfort zone long enough to learn!

My heartful thanks go to the faculty, meta-coaches and my fellow masterclass members Daniel Goleman, Michele Nevarez, MSPOD, Peter A. James, PhD, MBA, Dr. Matthew Lippincott, Tamara Tomsic, Matthew Taylor, Dorota Florczyk, Pascale Hall, Beatriz Aguilera, Christoph Zohlen, Ivica Vrancic, Andrzej Smiech.

Yours, Anke Houben

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