Leading in an unmanageable world

Intensive Leadership Programme
for top executives

2 Months programme, 1 x per year
Start of next cohort:
April 3-5, 2025
In German.

The partnership for your success

Building inner strength for leading in disruptive times

We are experiencing an epochal paradigm shift: the overlapping crises are symptoms of a new disorder – political, economic, social. But how to lead in a world that we do not yet really understand, a world that seems increasingly unmanageable? In these times of upheaval, complexity and uncertainty, you have to rethink leadership. Routine action – especially if it is rooted in past successes – turn into a risk. For you, self-renewal is a must: to master the new challenges, you need to grow personally, expand your potential systematically and take the big leap: into sovereign leadership.

Focusing on what’s most important: your self

Extreme complexity on the outside demands absolute clarity on the inside: a deep understanding of yourself, your contribution to success, your sources of strengths and weaknesses – but also your natural doubts and insecurities.

Your “inner state” – your mental and emotional leadership power – is more than ever decisive for your success. Because if you want to lead others, you must first lead yourself: only those who are clear and reflective “on the inside” can take powerful decisions and provide orientation to others.

What’s unique about SOVEREIGN !

Lead by C-Level Master Coaches

2 Months Programme

· 3 Days Intense Workshop
· 2 Months digital “Daily Leadership Workout”
· 3 Live-Coaching-Webinars

Exclusively for 12 Executives

Extreme complexity on the outside demands absolute clarity on the inside

Designed-to-impact Programme

Exclusively for 12 Executives
You benefit from a select group of participants with a wide range of experiences and challenges – an inspiring and confidential group of peers at eye level.

State-of-the-art Methods
You develop your leadership on the basis of internationally leading methods – such as INSEAD Group Coaching, Harvard Case-in-Point-Teaching, Goleman EI Coaching, MIT Presencing Methods and Train-the-Brain Microtechniques.

“Daily Leadership Workout” in your business
You anchor your learning experiences in new thinking and behavioural routines over 2 months – through our digital programme developed exclusively for top leaders, based on short daily exercises.

Insider Coaches
You will learn from and with insiders – leading C-level coaches and advisors with 20+ years of experience advising top executives and their teams in challenging leadership situations.

Lead from the Core
Purpose Awareness

Lead Self

Lead Others
Social Awareness

Lead for Contribution
Context Awareness

Your results in practice


Your inner compass.
You discover your own purpose, your personal core of power, which will strengthen you from within.


Your effective self leadership.
You recognise your strengths and how derailed strengths + limiting patterns sabotage your success.


Your focused attention.
You learn to focus your attention on what is important and reduce distractions.


Your productive routines.
You train your brain into new behavioural routines based on latest findings from neuroscience.


Your unique contribution.
You gain clarity about your specific contribution as the driver of your private + professional success.

Module 1

3 Days Intense Workshop
Close to Berlin

Module 2

2 Months digital “Daily Leadership Workout”
20-30 minutes per day, 5 days per week

Module 3

3 Live-Coaching-Webinars
Dr. Kai Dierke
Dr. Anke Houben
Dr. Philine Sandhu