Our Leadership Academy in Nairobi

Developing a new generation of sovereign leaders where it’s needed most – a breakthrough experience for Kenyan talents and executives from abroad. That is our joint goal with ⇒ NPO Aiducation – we are so grateful for this strong partnership.

DierkeHouben Leadership Advisors runs the Academy as a philantropic project. All executives’ fees are exclusively for the benefit of NPO Aiducation Kenya.

Voices of participants

40 highly talented future Kenyan leaders, all of them scholarship alumni of NPO Aiducation, our team of 8 executives and ourselves acting as coaches – our 5-day “Purpose-driven Leadership Academy” was designed to help people start living up to their full potential. Key focus is “Lead your self”: Starting with the definition of the Inner Compass – the individual purpose – and looking at one’s behavioural styles to learning emotional intelligence for effective self-management we enable talents as well as executives to step up as sovereign leaders.

Grow stronger as a sovereign leader while serving a higher cause: Grow yourself by helping others to grow.

Voices of  “Leaders as Coaches”

In June 2023, we ran the third cohort of our Leadership Academy in Nairobi. In 2022, we had a strong team of 5 executives from Switzerland/ Germany and 3 executives from Kenya with us, acting as Visiting Coaches in the academy. Check their video statements below. Our thanks go to Rosebella Abok, Anna-Naomi Bandi-Lang, Anzazi Kiti, Ronny Landolt, Philip Odete, Jeannette von Ratibor, Simone Schimmion and Matthias Schümann. They acted as coaches during the academy and did a great job in listening, encouraging, experimenting and guiding! “Growing yourself by helping others grow” – they really embarked on this personal growth journey for a higher cause.

These 8 leaders joined us for 5 days to support 40 Kenyan leadership talents – students and young entrepreneurs – to consistently master their own development journey. It was great to have them as coaches in our Leadership Academy!

If you are interested in joining us as a Visiting Coach in our next Academy in Kenya, you will be very welcome.

Check for more information about our programme for executives ⇒ “Purpose-driven Leadership – Leader as a Coach”, with this Leadership Academy in Nairobi as its integral part.

It is a win-win-win for everyone: for you as you develop as a sovereign leader, for Kenyan future leaders by stepping into purpose and self-awareness – and for our philanthropic initiative, supporting NPO Aiducation and the AiduAlumni in Kenya.

We are looking forward to our next DierkeHouben Leadership Academies: December 3-8, 2023, and June 2-7, 2024.