Growing Conscious Leaders for the Next Generation C-suite – ambitious to transform themselves, their teams and their organisations to thrive in times of disruption – that`s our purpose.
Our HOW-video on EXPLORING LEADERSHIP: Learn about your 3 growth steps as a Senior Leader

Watch our video about the HOW - your 3 learning phases - of our programme for Senior Executives to grow as Conscious Leaders,…

Our WHY-video on EXPLORING LEADERSHIP: Learn about the benefits for you as a Senior Leader

Watch our video about the WHY of our programme for Senior Executives to grow as Conscious Leaders, in Switzerland and Kenya.…

How you tame the dark sides of your strengths: The “What do you think?” Leader

It’s a paradox – the more powerful your strengths, the less effective you are. So, watch out for your overdone strengths …


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Insights from the Inside

„Knowing the top teams' world from within, with 20+ years of business experience we support our clients to make their leap – from good to great leadership.“

Kai Dierke + Anke Houben

Gemeinsame Spitze.
Wie Führung im Top-Team gelingt

Our Leadership Articles
Team Coaching at the Top: How to accelerate Top Management Teams "Systemically considered, a cat and a tiger are pretty similar – however, you would do best to treat them...
Our Leadership Articles
Teaming the Unteamables: How Alpha Managers become an Alpha Team Alpha managers’ strengths are top team’s burden. In an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile world, effective collaboration in the C-suite is...
Our Leadership Articles
Top Team Paradox: How to get beyond the alpha syndrome at the top Teams at the top are non-teams: groups of highly self-assertive alpha executives, whose autopilots direct them to thrive primarily for...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„This book sets new standards, offering deep insights into the top management dynamics of corporations: Top decision-makers will recognize themselves with great benefit.“

What's next

Bringing latest insights to our clients is our aspiration – and we are committed to constantly learn from the masters in our field. Thus, in 2019 we’ll join Global Masterclasses in Coaching for Emotional Intelligence, Purpose-driven Leadership and Mindfulness.

Humble Revolutionaries
in the C-suite

„We live in disruptive times. These times call for wide-awake leaders within the C-suite and its Next Generation. We call them Humble Revolutionaries – as they have a unique blend of purpose, consciousness and contribution to be game changers at the top.“

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