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ANCHOR C-Leadership

March 4, 2020 | September 2020

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ENERGIZE from the Core

March 26, 2020

New as a CEO

IGNITE C-Leadership

September 2020

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„Knowing the top teams' world from within, with 20+ years of business experience, we support our clients to make their leap – from Good to Great.“

Kai Dierke + Anke Houben

Gemeinsame Spitze.
Wie Führung im Top-Team gelingt

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Team Coaching at the Top: How to accelerate Top Management Teams "Systemically considered, a cat and a tiger are pretty similar – however, you would do best to treat them...
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Teaming the Unteamables: How Alpha Managers become an Alpha Team Alpha managers’ strengths are top team’s burden. In an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile world, effective collaboration in the C-suite is...
Our Leadership Articles
Top Team Paradox: How to get beyond the alpha syndrome at the top Teams at the top are non-teams: groups of highly self-assertive alpha executives, whose autopilots direct them to thrive primarily for...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„This book sets new standards, offering deep insights into top management dynamics: Decision-makers will recognize themselves with great benefit.“

What's next

Bringing latest insights to our clients is our aspiration: In 2019 we join Daniel Goleman`s Global Masterclass in Emotional Intelligence Coaching + Neuroscience and Nick Craig`s Class on Purpose-driven Leadership.

Humble Revolutionaries
in the C-suite

„We live in disruptive times that call for wide-awake leaders in the C-suite. We call them Humble Revolutionaries – they have a unique blend of purpose, consciousness and contribution to be game changers at the top."

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