A new generation of sovereign leaders

Enabling personal growth – for us, this is more than working with executives and in companies. It is important to us to develop a new generation of leaders who break free from old myths of leadership –  and take the lead with confidence and the utmost inner sovereignty.

We have been teaching leadership – Transformational Leadership and Purpose-driven Leadership – for years now at international HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. We teach and coach MBA students to deeply reflect themselves and others. It is such a joy to support these future leaders in developing a broad understanding of leadership through e.g. emotional intelligence, self-awareness and social awareness.

But we don’t settle for this. We asked ourselves time and time again: how and where can we contribute with our strengths? What special gift can we bring to people to help them unfold their full potential?

That’s how our Leadership Academy for students and young entrepreneurs in Nairobi was “born” – in cooperation with the Swiss NPO Aiducation International. The goal: to help these young talents transform their burdensome past into an inner source of strength that guides them. In this way – together with executives who work with us as coaches in this five-day programme – we strengthen and encourage them to take the lead in their society and community. And exactly this is so special about this programme: it is an intense learning journey for the talents as well as the executives. The next Leadership Academy in Kenya will take place in June, 19-23, 2023. Get more insights about this academy…

These times call for a new generation of leaders – whose strong inner compass enables them to adapt quickly in rapidly changing contexts.