Die Sieben Mythen der Führung.
Ein Neuanfang

The 7 Myths of Leadership. A new beginning (in 2022/23)

Our new book!

These times call for a new beginning.

Dominant, determined, rational. These are the essential characteristics of a successful leader. Are they? Really?

In our book “The 7 Myths of Leadership. A New Beginning” we uncover the long outdated but deeply rooted beliefs that still shape most managers in business and politics.

What we experience as board advisors and coaches in the top management echelons of DAX40 companies and international corporations, worries us: We are concerned because in our daily work we observe that leaders in business and politics are dominated by myths – and this is not conducive to the new beginning that is so desperately needed.

  • What is happening in the upper echelons of management in business and politics?
  • How are you being led – and how are you leading yourself without even realising it?

We illustrate the dangerous power of the 7 myths of leadership – and how you can overcome them.

Our new book is a challenge and invitation to senior executives, top managers and politicians to confidently explore new ways to lead successfully with the utmost inner sovereignty.

Gemeinsame Spitze.
Wie Führung im Top-Team gelingt

Our classic!

“This book sets new standards.” (F.A.Z.)

We take a straight look behind the closed doors of boardrooms and top management echelons to encourage productive collaboration in top management. Because the consequences of not doing so are serious and lasting. Decision-makers will experience special “aha” moments when reading our real life cases of successes and failures.

“Lonely at the top” is an outdated paradigm of past times. In our highly complex, dynamic world, decision-makers’ actions must be shaped by productive collaboration and team spirit.

  • But how do alpha managers develop into effective top teams?
  • How do top managers turn conflict into productive power?

We explain what makes a leading team a high-performing top team. And illustrate how leadership as a team effort works by mastering 7 disciplines of success.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reviewed:

“This book sets new standards. It provides deep insights into the top executive level of corporations. But beyond that, it is written in an appreciative style describing top managers with their deeply human strengths and weaknesses. Top decision-makers will recognise themselves and will benefit greatly. With their profound knowledge of the state-of-the-art literature on management and group dynamics as well as their know-how in relation to daily real life challenges in top management – an asset that is rare enough – they provide vivid insights into successes and failures. Today, top managers are often perceived as being surrounded by an aura that is scarcely matched by any other professional group. Opening this “black box” is the great accomplishment of Kai Dierke and Anke Houben with their book “Gemeinsame Spitze”.”