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Develop your top leaders’ excellence for leading in a disruptive world. Customised Leadership Growth Camp, accelerated by our digital “Daily Leadership Workout”.

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Utmost unclarity in the outer world needs utmost clarity in the inner world!

For any leader, the individual inner compass creates utmost inner clarity – in a world in which unclarity is on the rise: it is the foundation and driver towards performance and personal growth. But the real difference is not in “having your purpose” – but in “living your purpose”. This is why we reach way beyond with this very special leadership programme: We complement individual purpose work with self-awareness, emotional intelligence and Neuroscience microtechniques for a lasting effect on mindset and behaviour transformation.

And this is what it is all about: sustainable behaviour change and personal growth all across the entire organization, starting at the top. Only a healthy leadership culture – as the company’s mental software – provides an outstanding competitive advantage. Culture is nothing abstract, apart from the business, but defined as “the way we do things here” – it is “daily behaviour”.

The most effective lever for aspired new attitudes and behaviours is a Leadership group that consciously acts as a role model. Thus, developing, enabling and aligning the top executives in their critical culture-shaping role is key.

Our customized “Leadership in Transformation” help you leveraging your senior leaders for culture transformation – and answering questions like:

  • Do we want our top 100 leaders perform at full potential, driven by individual strong purposes?
  • How do we trigger a quantum leap in leadership practices at the top?
  • Do we want to reinforce our strategy by shaping our company’s culture?

Led by C-level Master Coaches + Boardroom Insiders

Customized Leadership Programme for Corporation’s Seniors Management Group

Impactful Leadership Growth
Journey to trigger purpose-driven behaviour change

Blending individual and strategic “Leadership in Transformation”

Transforming corporate culture is, first of all, the leaders’ game. Mobilising for culture – and behaviour – transformation requires leaders acting as role models on all levels of the organisation.

To catalyse a quantum leap, you have to inspire managers to jointly reflect and adapt their behaviours. Taking up that challenge, we offer a highly effective combination as we…

  • create a unifying management team experience
  • challenge top leaders to reflect their individual purposes
  • trigger purpose-driven performance across organisation.

With our appreciated LEADERSHIP GROWTH CAMPS, we create a self-energising process of transforming leadership behaviour in the senior management group.

As experts in anchoring new behavioural practices through tailor-made leadership development we enable business leaders in the organisation with the reflective competencies they need to bring their individual inner compass into being.

Enriched by state-of-the-art leadership knowledge, group action-learning methods, train-the-brain micro-techniques, self-reflection and open peer feedback, our LEADERSHIP GROWTH CAMPS provide a unique, lasting experience for senior managers in creating meaningful change.

As participants’ feedback shows, connecting culture change to very personal individual change is the key to successful transformation.

„This is the most effective culture changing, personal leadership training I ever experienced throughout my 17 years in this company.”

Top 100 Participant, Dax30 Company

Caring for individual growth from the start

To create a personal in-depth Leadership Growth Journey as accelerator for culture transformation, we support the individual leader through…

  • identifying his/ her individual inner compass and transfer this into professional and private life
  • coaching the leader in a small group setting applying the INSEAD Group Coaching Method
  • supporting the leader in defining the Personal Development Trajectory for personal growth.

All information will be strictly confidential to the leader and the coach.

Aligned to our client’s needs

Typically, we design and run the LEADERSHIP GROWTH CAMPS of our client’s leaders in cohorts of 15-20 managers. Aligned to the client’s key challenge, we work either with cross-functional cohorts or team cohorts, focussing on two major goals:

  • “Developing the individual’s leadership capabilities” to enhance in-depth self-reflection and personal growth and to connect on a deeper level to the individual purpose.
  • “Strengthening and aligning the top 100 management team” to jointly reflect + adapt behaviours and to connect + collaborate more effectively.

We differentiate 3 phases:

Phase I

Preparing individually

… with pre-reading assignments and reflective questions.

Phase II

Developing “Leadership in Transformation” jointly

… in a 3-day offsite with a diversified, experiental learning environment – or optional as Webinar.

Phase III

Anchoring new behaviours through our Daily Digital Workout for Self-learning
… a 2-month paced digital guide to enhance self-awareness for highest self-management.
Dr. Kai Dierke
Dr. Anke Houben