DierkeHouben Leadership Programme

Coaches` Voices on philantropic DierkeHouben Leadership Academy, Kenya 2020 – Executive Leadership Development redefined

IMD takes Executives to Balis rice farmers – to get them out of their comfort zone, self-reflect and rethink their leadership. We take Executives to Nairobi to coach Kenyan leadership talents – to disrupt the Executives`thinking and enable them to grow as conscious leaders, connected to a strong purpose.

35 highly talented future Kenyan leaders, all of them scholarship alumni of NPO Aiducation, 7 executives and us acting as coaches – a perfect starting point for our 5-day Lead Your Self Academy in Nairobi… for the participants AND for the executives acting as coaches. We dived deep into identifying one`s individual purpose, connecting to strengths, stepping from self-awareness to mindful self-management – in order to live up to one`s full potential.

Being an executive and acting as a coach at the DierkeHouben Leadership Academy in Kenya is a triple win:

  • for you developing yourself as a Conscious Leader,
  • for Kenyan future leaders to step into purpose and self-awareness
  • for our philantropic project, supporting NPO Aiducation and the AiduAlumni in Kenya.
Listen to the testimonials of four of our seven executives acting as coaches, see below

Enjoy listening to Joseph Kongoro, independent Management Consultant, prior at Ernst & Young, acting as a Coach at the DierkeHouben Leadership Academy. He shares that this experience has been „a total turning point“ for him as a leader, „very eye-opening“ and „somewhat a refinement process like when you put gold into fire“. Learn why:

Listen to George Jilani, CEO of Aiducation Kenya, reflecting about his challenges as the „youngest coach“ for a group of Kenyan future leaders – and his most precious moments:

Watch Florian Kapitza, CEO of NPO Aiducation International, acting as a Coach in the Leadership Academy in Kenya. He shares why this Leadership Programme „is extremely powerful“, „something I will always cherish and will never forget“:

Learn from Robert Mwaura, Head Human Resources BDO EA, about his insights as a Coach-in-action in this Leadership Academy:

Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. It was great to have you among the coaches at our Leadership Academy – we feel enriched and blessed! We are looking forward to Wave 2 of the DierkeHouben Leadership Academy in Kenya on Leading Your Self in 2021!

If you are interested in joining us acting as a Coach in this Academy in 2021 and grow yourself as a leader by helping others grow – just reach out to us!

Yours, Anke Houben + Kai Dierke

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