DierkeHouben Leadership Programme

First DierkeHouben Leadership Academy in Kenya – a unique learning experience for 35 participants, 7 coaches and us!

What a unique experience – for 35 highly talented future Kenyan leaders, for 7 executives acting as coaches, and for us. It was wonderful to work with these talents, all of them scholarship alumni of NPO Aiducation. They and their coaches learned to connect to their strengths, to step from self-awareness to mindfully self-manage themselves – in order to live up to their full potential and individual purpose.

A big Thank You to the wonderful coaches Liz Wamuchiru, Mburu Tuni, George Jilani, Robert Mwaura, Joseph Kongoro, Florian Kapitza and Kamau Irungu – all of them executives, here acting as coaches: You did such a great work in listening, encouraging, experimenting, mentoring! These 7 executives embarked upfront in a 2-day preparatory workshop and worked jointly with us for an amazing group of Kenyan talents – students and young entrepreneurs – throughout 5 days focusing on „Lead You Self“: starting with defining the individual purpose, understanding and navigating through behavioural style preferences and creating highest self-awareness and emotional intelligence to step up as a conscious leader.

Based on our 18 years experience, this Academy additionally leveraged the great work by Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence and by Nick Craig on Leading from Purpose. It is our contribution to the movement of our mentors Daniel Goleman and Michele Nevarez to „Democratize EI“.

Kai and I are grateful for a wealth of fullfilling, precious experiences, images and situations in our mind. We are looking forward to our next DierkeHouben Leadership Academy in 2021. You are interested to join us acting as a coach in our next Academy in Kenya in 2021? Just reach out to us!

Listen to our participant Wairimu Mwangi, Student of Psychology, Nairobi University, Kenya:

Want to learn more about our Lead Your Self Academy? Watch our series of short interviews with coaches and participants for a sneak view on this unique experience (on LinkedIn DierkeHouben Leadership Partners and on our website www.dierkehouben.com).

Yours, Anke Houben & Kai Dierke

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