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Worth watching! TED Talk by Anil Seth how your brain hallucinates your conscious reality

Be Aware: You don’t see reality – you see only what you expect to see. We don’t see the world as IT is – we see the world as WE are! This fundamental insight for any leader is proven through research by neuroscientist Anil Seth: Our consciousness is deeply rooted in our brain’s experience-based predictions about the outside world. For you as a leader, this “confirmation bias” has enormous practical implications: If you expect resistance in your team, your brain will make you see resistance – by filtering information to confirm this expectation. What our brain sees is only its best guess about what is out there.  So, if you as a leader can learn to change your inner predictions, you can learn to change your outer reality!

Conscious Leaders are aware of their unconscious predictions and know how to control them – to create productive “controlled hallucinations” and new realities: “joint hallucinations we agree on”.

Looking forward to learn about your thoughts on this – and enjoy Anil’s eye-opening TED Talk!

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