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Worth learning! Search Inside Yourself Mindfulness Practices

“Search Inside Yourself”, an awareness training developed for Google to enhance personal growth, is a perfect and easy introduction into mindfulness practices to keep us focused in a complex and buzzing world. 3 years ago, we had the privilege to take part in the first European training in Berlin, today offered in multiple major cities across Europe.

To illustrate the power of Mindfulness Practices let us share with you the experience of one of our clients.

Just experiment and ignore your doubts!

You know that nice story about Nils Bohr, the famous physics Nobel laureate? When visited at his home by Wolfgang Pauli, another physics Nobel laureate, the visitor noticed a horseshoe hanging above the door – a traditional symbol of luck. “Professor Bohr, you really believe in this?!” Pauli asked. “Not at all!”, Bohr answered indignantly, “but I’ve been told that it works even if you don’t believe in it!”

One of our clients had exactly this “Bohr moment”! He is the archetype of a manager that considers himself rational, practical and only driven by results. He took pride in never having believed in “concepts” or the latest “management fad”. He was that kind of heroic execution guy: putting things effectively into practice and getting results was his personal success model.

But his first appointment as a CEO showed him his personal limits. His mandate as a crisis manager to turn around a financially weak insurance company with a toxic leadership culture made him “break bad”. Pragmatism and result orientation turned into overdrive: he became overruling, dominant, abrasive, suspicious and blaming (including himself for not being good enough). As a result, things turned worse – for him personally and for the company. Yet finally, he understood: In order to win the game, he had to step out of the game. But how?

And yet, he has a major asset, even in his state of inner turmoil: a pragmatic openness to meaningful experiments. Thus, we recommended a 2-day seminar on mindfulness with SIYLI (Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute). And he agreed in his very own way: “You know: I am the last one to believe in esoteric concepts like mindfulness – but I’m desperate enough to give it a try!”

Having practiced mindfulness only for a few days – like short meditations and journaling – he observed first immediate results: He witnessed the growth of an inner observer, helping him to control emotion and moving from compulsion to choice. Today, he has mastered his personal crisis. His peers appreciate him for his commitment to grow and his absolute will to challenge his own assumptions.

Practice with a grandmotherly mind!

Search Inside Yourself is a refreshing practical reference to Daniel Goleman who taught us years ago about the power of Emotional Intelligence. Learning to be in the “here + now” takes time, endless efforts, it doesn’t come easily – thus, it’s best if you do it with a benevolent “grandmotherly mind”! When your thoughts start wandering around and you need to refocus your attention to the breathing, do it with a light heart and a smile.

What was your grandmother’s reaction when she found her sofa covered with coloured hands from your paintbox – while you were hiding, feeling guilty? “Oh, never mind, that’s alright, my darling, you creative little artist”. Yes, that’s a “grandmotherly mind”, forgiving, generous, tender, loving!

We strongly recommend the 2-day kick-start into Searching Inside Yourself to enhance your inner strength and focus. The link below takes you to the SIY website. Enjoy it!

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