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What a privilege to teach this amazing group of young leaders at HHL

It was a real privilege for us to teach this group of young leaders at HHL in our Leadership course – and to read their amazing course papers focusing on deep self-reflection and personal transformation.

Why? Transformational Leadership is first of all about the Psychology of Change and Leading Yourself into Transformation – beyond technical change management. It is a challenging journey! With 30 MBA-students we embarked on this 3-day personal growth journey, this time in a digital setting.

Again it has been a real pleasure to work with highly gifted and talented young leaders and enrich their leadership journey by focusing on the most important starting point: self-leadership.

Next week we are heading for Leipzig again to have our next Leadership course – this time finally… live! We are very much looking forward and are curious to meet this new group of HHL talents!

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Die 7 Mythen der Führung: Ein Neuanfang

Wir decken auf, welche längst überholten, aber immer noch tief verankerten Mythen unsere Wirtschaft und Politik prägen.

  • Was passiert in den oberen Führungsetagen und im Politikmanagement?
  • Wie werden Sie geführt – und wie führen Sie selbst, ohne dass es Ihnen bewusst ist?

Wir zeigen Ihnen die gefährliche Macht der 7 Mythen der Führung – und wie Sie diese überwinden können.

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