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Too old to grow as a leader? Don`t fool and limit yourself!

“I am who I am”, “This is my authentic way” or “People don`t understand me”, these are some of the common defenses that we observe in our coaching work when it comes to personal development and growth as a leader. The most favourite is: “In my age, I cannot change anymore”. Well, here is good news – and a challenge for you at the same time: It is not a question of age – it is a question of attitude and poise!

Thanks to Carol Dweck, we know that growing as a leader is first of all envisioning the possibilities. She differentiates between a Fixed and a Growth Mindset. Here are some key distinctions to help you boost yourself into this Growth Mindset: “I can learn anything I want” – rather than: “I am either good at it, or not”; “Tell me I try hard” – rather than: “Tell me I am smart”; “When I fail, I learn” – rather than: “When I fail, I am no good”; and most challenging: “If you succeed, I am inspired” – rather than: “If you succeed, I feel threatened”. Check yourself, are you on your way to a real growth mindset?

Ccheck below to learn more about the Growth and the Fixed Mindset.

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