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ENERGIZE from the Core

A new C-level Programme to strengthen from within – through connecting to your Purpose, enhancing your Self-awareness, building your Emotional Intelligence

A strong partnership for your success

What`s unique about ENERGIZE: From the C-suite for the C-suite


Led by
C-level Master Coaches
+ Boardroom Insiders


3-month Programme “designed-to-impact”

  • 1 Residency of 4 days
  • 1:1 Coaching throughout
  • Digital Guide for daily self-management

elite group of
10 C-level Executives

Leading in the C-suite

means the relentless pace of your job energizes you, but it also creates a systematic pressure chamber, even more so in these times of disruption. You need a reset.

Connect to your core. Deepen your leadership impact.

Always under pressure – it feels like you are not managing your professional life but the professional life is managing you. You pride yourself on your accomplishments, but stress and frustration keep you from fully enjoying your successes. In any event, you are too busy to recognize the easy changes that you could make to be more fulfilled, even more successful.

ENERGIZE is not going to tell you a better way to negotiate a merger, or to structure a risk-management model. But your success is about more than your technical skills. It is – about the way you direct your energies and build stamina and resilience, – about the way you manage yourself and build awareness of your emotions and your behaviour, and – about the way how you relate to the people around you.

Developing these ancillary but critical skill sets will provide you a reset for your C-level leadership and connects you with your deeply rooted sources of energy. You will stop procrastinating and you will be more focused on where you are in relation to where you want to go.

Elevating your game in the C-suite

Unfold your energy by connecting to your Purpose

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When do you take a step back, take a deep breath and take time to renew your focus? What really matters to you? What is your individual purpose that unfolds your energy? And what to do to orient your life towards this source of energy and resilience? ENERGIZE helps you understanding your individual purpose and connect to your source of energy to strengthen from within.

Improve your Self-Awareness + uncover your blind spots

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Your ability to think critically and see patterns drives your success. Research shows that even the most intellectually-gifted professionals default to biases. Our thinking gets entrenched. You may observe these failings in others without recognizing them in yourself. ENERGIZE helps you avoid these pitfalls: we identify your blind-spots, build on your strengths, make you more effective.

Understand + influence others through
Emotional Intelligence

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No matter your responsibility in the C-suite, you are in the people business. You are most successful when you understand what drives people, and when you grasp how others perceive you and your work. ENERGIZE will teach you about the science of people. You will make small-but-vital changes that will improve your read of people and deepen your ability to influence others.


Lead from the Core

Individual Purpose

Lead Self


Lead Others

Emotional Intelligence

How ENERGIZE boosts your inner strength

Reset and refocus your energy. You strengthen your impact in the C-suite through connecting to your Purpose, enhancing your Self-awareness and bulding your Emotional Intelligence.

Insights from the insiders. You work with boardroom insiders, leading C-level coaches and advisors. ENERGIZE is rooted in 20+ years of coaching and consulting C-suite executives and their teams.

Personal Coach. Throughout your 3-month programme, you are supported by your personal coach who will become your trusted advisor who accelerates your learning.

Select group of 10 C-Executives. You will be part of an exclusive group of 10 C-level executives only, with similar experiences. This is a safe, inspiring space for exchange and community building on eye-level.

Practice for lasting impact. Beyond 1 Live Module and 1:1 Coaching, you are supported by our Digital Guide, offering daily practices to lift your self-awareness and self-management on-the-job in 12 weeks.



3 months
1 Residency
1:1 Coaching
Digital Guide for daily practice



Son Gener


Next start

March 26, 2020
Programme in English
Coaching in German or English

You and your peer group

You are a highly successful senior leader, with many years in the executive fastlane. But you are aware that in these times of complexity and disruption any routine thinking – even if rooted in past success – is a barrier to access your full potential. For you, self-renewal is imperative: Staying ahead of the challenge means staying curious, courageous and committed to personal growth.

You might seek an additional edge in your daily job or you might face a crucial career “pivot moment”, starting a new position or evaluating different roles. In any case, you want to learn how to re-connect to your self and embark on an energizing personal journey to access your full potential as a leader.

You will join an exclusive group of peers who face similar challenges and levels of complexity. They share your aspirations and will support you to accelerate your learning process – as you will support theirs. Your peer group will be limited to 10 participants to guarantee the best possible environment for in-depth learning and engagement.

1:1 coaching
+ peer work


360° Feedback

Module 1

Son Gener

Module 2

Digital Self-learning
+ Coaching


network + events

Conscious action
through reflection

Programme structure

Your 3-month Personal Growth Journey

Prior to the start, you will prepare with a Check-In Questionnaire and a 360° Feedback from the people that matter most to you – providing you with data how you and others perceive you. With your personal Leadership Due Diligence you will acquire a deeper understanding of your strengths, blind spots and untapped potentials.

In Residency Module 1, the 4-day retreat, your programme leads and coaches will support you with current leadership thinking and a blend of methods, including INSEAD group coaching, Harvard case-in-point teaching, attention training and mindfulness practices. You will have ample time to reflect and renew.

During the 3-month Coaching and Self-learning Phase, you will deepen your insights. You will be supported by 1:1 Coaching and our tailored Digital Guide: Each day you are offered input, tasks for reflection and train-the-brain micro-techniques to lift your self-awareness and self-management. You will feel the impact day by day.

After the programme, you will be invited to join our exclusive Alumni Circle. Thus, you will stay connected with your peer group and meet with former participants to refresh or deepen your learnings and to have frank, reflective exchange.


Dr Kai W. Dierke
C-level Coach + Advisor,
Professor for Leadership


Dr Anke Houben
C-level Coach + Advisor,
Professor for Leadership


Nick Craig
President, The CORE
Leadership Institute

We strongly believe that times of disruption call for the Conscious Leader

Leaders who are true game changers at the top display a unique blend of  strengthened awareness:
They are aware of their individual purpose to build strength from within. They are aware of their self, their own strengths and limiting patterns. They are aware of the complex social dynamics in the world around them. And they are aware of the demanding leadership context they want to contribute.

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