New to the C-Suite

ANCHOR C-Leadership

A new C-level Programme to strengthen your leadership impact
through sharpened awareness in 4 dimensions: Purpose-awareness,
Self-awareness, Social awareness, Context-awareness

A strong partnership for your success

What`s unique about ANCHOR: From the C-suite for the C-suite


Led by
C-level Master Coaches
+ Boardroom Insiders


3-month Programme “designed-to-impact”

  • 2 Residencies of 6 days in total
  • 1:1 Coaching throughout
  • Digital Guide for daily self-management

elite group of
12 C-level Executives

Ascending to the C-suite

Is a completely different game. Becoming an Executive Board member confronts even the most experienced leaders with unprecedented complexity and responsibility. 

Focus your awareness. Deepen your leadership impact.

As a senior executive you know your business. But with your leap into the C-suite, you will face new  challenges: You have to manage your unit for results – and to put the company first. You depend on the commitment of your primary team – and to manage trade-offs for your own unit from a higher, C-level ground. You have to build trusted relations with your C-level peers – and to engage in conflict with them.

And managing this “outer arena” is only one dimension of your challenge. Even more demanding is managing your “inner arena”: You will experience your new environment as highly competitive and pressurized. You are tempted to drift into unconscious “autopilot” behaviours that can harm your leadership effectiveness and limit your positive impact on others.

Bridging your awareness gap – from compulsion to choice – is key to your sustainable success and personal fulfillment as a C-suite leader. Taking time to make the leap from reflex to reflection will help you grow into a Conscious Leader, aware of what matters most to your company, your team and yourself.         

Elevating your game in the C-suite

Risk of falling short


Most C-level executives perceive themselves in their first 6 to 12 months in the new job as falling short of own and other’s expectations – frictions and mental stress make them focus exclusively on the WHAT, not the equally crucial HOW.

Mastering transition


This is why AMROP and DierkeHouben Leadership Partners collaborate to enable you boosting your early stage transition effectiveness: ANCHOR helps you overcome frictions – not by telling how to set up a strategic initiative or renew your portfolio…



… but by providing a designed-to-impact space for self-reflection and inspiration – to elevate your game through sharpened awareness how to lead from purpose, how to lead yourself and others, and how to lead for contribution in the C-suite.

Customized approach


ANCHOR offers a systematic approach throughout 3 months to lift your self-awareness and self-management to a higher level. It combines 2 Residency Modules off-the-job, 1:1 coaching and 12 weeks digitally guided daily practices – thus creating immediate return for your company, your peers, your team and yourself.


Lead from the Core


Lead Self


Lead Others

Social awareness

Lead for Contribution


How ANCHOR boosts your impact

Bridge your awareness gap. You strengthen your impact in the C-suite through sharpened awareness in 4 dimensions: Purpose-awareness, Self-awareness, Social wareness, Context-awareness.

Insights from the insiders. You work with boardroom insiders, leading C-level coaches and advisors. ANCHOR is rooted in 20+ years of coaching and consulting C-suite executives and their teams.

Personal Coach. Throughout your 3-month programme, you are supported by your personal coach, Kai Dierke or Anke Houben. Your coach will become your trusted advisor who accelerates your learning.

Select group of 12 C-Executives. You will be part of an exclusive group of 12 C-level executives only, with similar experiences. This is a safe, inspiring space for exchange and community building on eye-level.

Practice for lasting impact. Beyond 2 Live Modules and 1:1 Coaching, you are supported by our Digital Guide, offering daily practices to lift your self-awareness and self-management on-the-job in 12 weeks.​



3 months
2 Residencies
1:1 Coaching
Digital Guide for daily practice



at the Baltic Sea


Next start

March 4 – May 27, 2020
Programme in German

September – December 2020
Programme in English

You and your peer group

You are a senior executive who made his leap into the C-suite within the last 12 months – or expect the leap soon. You may be a CxO or responsible for leading a major business unit or operation.

You are successful but your accountability as a board member reaches beyond the direct responsibility for your unit. Managing your business is only the easiest part of your job – you recognize: What brought you here, won’t get you there! And you know: Contributing at your best starts with strengthening your inner core and your self-awareness.

You will join an exclusive group of peers who face similar challenges and levels of complexity. They share your aspirations and will support you to accelerate your learning process – as you will support theirs. Your peer group will be limited to 12 participants to guarantee the best possible environment for in-depth learning and engagement.

1:1 coaching
+ peer work


360° Feedback

Module 1


Module 2

Digital Self-learning
+ Coaching

Module  3



network + events

Conscious action
through reflection

Programme structure

Your 3-month Personal Growth Journey

Prior to the start of Module 1, you will prepare with a Check-In Questionnaire and a 360° Feedback from the people that matter most to you – providing you with data how you and others perceive you.

In Residency Modules 1+3, your programme leads and coaches will support you with current leadership thinking and a blend of methods, including INSEAD group coaching, Harvard case-in-point teaching, attention training and mindfulness practices. You will have ample time to reflect and renew.

During Module 2, the 3-month Self-learning Phase between the two Residency Modules, you will be supported by 1:1 Coaching and our tailored Digital Guide: Each day you are offered input, tasks for reflection and train-the-brain micro-techniques to lift your self-awareness and self-management. You will feel the impact day by day.

After the programme, you will be invited to join our exclusive Alumni Circle. Thus, you will stay connected with your peer group and meet with former participants to refresh or deepen your learnings and to have frank, reflective exchange.


Dr Kai W. Dierke
C-level Coach + Advisor,
Professor for Leadership


Dr Anke Houben
C-level Coach + Advisor,
Professor for Leadership


Annika Farin
Managing Partner + Member of the
Executive Board, Amrop

We strongly believe that times of disruption call for the Conscious Leader

Leaders who are true game changers at the top display a unique blend of  strengthened awareness:
They are aware of their individual purpose to build strength from within. They are aware of their self, their own strengths and limiting patterns. They are aware of the complex social dynamics in the world around them. And they are aware of the demanding leadership context they want to contribute.

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