New to the C-Suite – Frequently Asked Questions​

I don’t have the time – Why should I invest the time?


▪ Taken – it’s a time invest of 6 days off + coaching + digital practice, but it’s less than 5 percent of your time in year 1 on the HOW. So, you still spend 95 percent on-the-job, in the business on the WHAT.
▪ A modest 5 percent increase in personal energy, effectiveness and impact would compensate that, much less than participants report.

My business is the business – Why do I need reflective work?


▪ True – and NOT true: In the C-suite, your business is not only business, but contributing to long-term success and the well-being of your company …and that’s most of all a people business. It’s a different game: success does not come by solving business problems, but from understanding and mastering the human challenges rooted in mindsets and behaviours that drive or get in the way of business success.
▪ Creating awareness and mastering this human dimension requires reflection.

I don’t have problems with myself – Why is this relevant to me?


▪ Sure – but this is not about fixing personality problems. Many of the barriers that present themselves as technical business problems are only symptoms of adaptive human challenges, based in routine practices, behaviours, mindsets – like lack of trust in the board or the team, avoidance of productive conflict or silo-mindsets.
▪ This is about growing your awareness and capacity to address these effectively.

It`s too expensive for my company – Why is it worth it?


Yes, it has its price – but in fact, it’s an investment with immediate payback: Visible short-term payback comes in a number of different forms, like:
▪ Maximized personal effectiveness as a board member
▪ Better and faster business decisions due to rapid immersion into company
▪ Earlier and better informed people decisions in your team and organization
▪ Boosted collaboration effectiveness through deepened alignment with peers
▪ Drastically reduced transaction cost and cost of friction

I`d rather prefer a Business School – Why should I choose ANCHOR?


▪ Business Schools are good at teaching and training latest subject matter business “content” but you’re already a master in your business. And they are good in delivering their “product” in 1 shot – on-site, in class by academics and researchers.
▪ What they are not good at is creating meaningful and lasting personal growth – guiding your personal reflection through coaching and counselling in critical situations. They do not offer a designed-to-impact blend of 1 exclusive Residency, personal 1:1 Coaching and a unique digital Self-learning Platform for daily practice – led by Master Coaches with 18 years experience in supporting C-level Execs and their teams in challenging situations.

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