Leader as a Coach

EXPLORE yourself in Kenya

Strengthen as a Sovereign Leader while serving a higher cause:
Grow yourself by helping others grow

What`s unique about EXPLORE


Led by
C-level Master Coaches
+ Boardroom Insiders


Explorative Leadership Programme

  • 2-day Intake as a Coach
  • 5-day “Leader as a Coach” in Nairobi
  • 1:1 Coaching

Select group of
6-8 Executives as a
joint Learning Community

As a leader in disruptive times

you are aware that any routine thinking – even if rooted in past success – is a barrier to access your full potential. For you, continuous self-renewal is imperative.

We strongly believe that in these times of enormous business opportunities and challenges great leaders need a strong inner compass to adapt quickly. These times call for a new quality of leaders: The Conscious Leader – leaders who embody a strong professional will and a personal humbleness, willing to transform themselves in order to transform their teams and their organizations.

Conscious Leaders are true game changers at the top through their unique blend of 3 Cs: Connectedness, Consciousness and Contribution. They connect to their individual purpose to build strength from within. They are conscious about themselves, their own strengths and limiting patterns, and the complex dynamics in the world around them. And they know how to unfold their and others` full contribution potential.

EXPLORE is your opportunity to start transforming yourself. It is unique, selective, confidential and by application only. We help you answering the question: “How can I grow into a Conscious Leader?”

Boost your Sovereign Leadership

Explore your Self to lead others into exploration


Discover and understand the power of your life’s crucibles and connect to your individual purpose – in order to lead authentically from your inner core.

Expand your
Conscious Leadership


Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence to connect your inner world with the wider world – while tuning-in for your reflection-in-action-learning in Kenya.

Expose your Self as
“Leader as a Coach”


Stretch your self as a leader out of your comfort zone – while making a meaningful contribution to Kenyan future leaders’ growth by coaching, mentoring, teaching.

Extend your Personal Transformation Experience


Harness your experiences, personal reflections and learnings into actions in your leadership work – to extend your growth journey towards Conscious Leadership.



Individual Purpose




Emotional Intelligence

What`s unique about EXPLORE

Action-Learning. EXPLORE is a bespoke explorative Leadership Programme with a 2-day “Lead your Self” Intake, a 5-day “Leader as a Coach” experience in Kenya and 1:1 coaching for yourself.

Personal Coach. Throughout your 7-day learning journey, you work with your peer group of coaches and your personal coach to convert your learnings into impactful actions day-to-day.

Insights from the insiders. You work with boardroom insiders, leading C-level coaches and advisors. EXPLORE is rooted in 20+ years of coaching and consulting C-suite executives and their teams.

Purpose-driven. You will grow your conscious leadership by helping others grow – EXPLORE offers you a unique opportunity to learn outside your comfort zone while serving a higher cause.

Highly Inspiring. The integrative approach of state-of-the-art knowledge adds to the learning setting of input, group reflection, peer work, train-the-brain micro-techniques, and 1:1 coaching.

1:1 coaching
+ peer work



Module 1
2 days


Module  2
5 days


Conscious action
through reflection


Dr Kai W. Dierke
C-level Coach + Author,
Lecturer on Leadership


Dr Anke Houben
C-level Coach + Author,
Lecturer on Leadership

We strongly believe that times of disruption call for the Sovereign Leader.

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