Develop into a Conscious Leader for Next Generation C-suite:
Grow yourself by helping others grow

Senior Leadership Programme in Switzerland and Kenya


Bespoke, small-group Leadership Growth Journey for 10 senior executives


3-month programme AUTUMN 2019:

  • October, 11-12, 2019, Switzerland
  • November, 11-15, 2019, Kenya
  • 3 months Individual Coaching

Applications closed.

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EXPLORING LEADERSHIP is a unique learning journey to boost sustainable self-growth

  • inspired by a strong purpose
  • in a disruptive context out of comfort zone
  • with a blended design of experience, reflection, and practice.

Why we created


Your challenge as a leader in disruptive times

You are an experienced leader with an impressive track record. And yet, you know that our disruptive times challenge you to be highly adaptive and willing to continuously transform yourself. Being or aspiring to be in a C-suite role you are poised to make the leap to be a Conscious Leader, strongly connected to your individual purpose.

We believe that in these times of disruption great leaders need a strong inner compass to adapt quickly. These times call for a new quality of leaders in the Next Generation C-suite: The Conscious Leader – leaders who embody a professional will and a personal humbleness, willing to transform themselves in order to transform their teams and their organisations.

Conscious Leaders are true game changers at the top through a unique blend of 3 Cs: Connectedness, Consciousness, Contribution. They connect to their individual purpose. They are conscious about their strengths, limiting patterns, and the dynamics around them. And they unfold their and others` full contribution potential in demanding leadership contexts.

EXPLORING LEADERSHIP is your opportunity to transform yourself in order to transform your team and your organization. It is unique, selective, confidential and by application only.

Co-created and led by DierkeHouben Leadership Partners and Aiducation International, this small-format programme takes 10 executives on a systematic transformative journey of personal exploration and growth to help them realize their full leadership potential. We help you answering the question: “How can I grow into a Conscious Leader?”

Experience a unique win-win learning context

Being a Conscious Leader in the Next Generation C-suite is demanding. It challenges you to perform in a complex world – while staying adaptive to transform yourself.

With EXPLORING LEADERSHIP we created a unique learning context that is designed to mimic this challenge: Working as a „Leader as a Coach“ with future leaders in Kenya you experience what it means to transform and grow your self – in order to help others transform and grow.

Explore your Self to lead others into exploration.
Discover and understand the power of your life’s crucibles and connect to your individual purpose – in order to lead authentically from your inner core.

Expand your Consciousness as a Leader.
Develop deep self-awareness and emotional intelligence to connect your inner world with the wider world – while tuning-in for your reflection-in-action-learning in Kenya.

Expose your Self  as “Leader as a Coach”.
Stretch your self as a leader outside your comfort zone – while making a meaningful contribution to Kenyan future leaders’ growth through coaching, mentoring and teaching.

Extend your Personal Transformation Experience.
Harness your experiences, personal reflections and learnings into workable actions in daily leadership work – to extend your personal growth journey towards Conscious Leadership.

What`s unique about


Caring for your growth from the start

EXPLORING LEADERSHIP is a 3-month Leadership Programme with a 2-day Intake in Switzerland, a 5-day Explorative Leadership Learning in Kenya, and continuous 1:1 Coaching.

From the start, you are paired with a DierkeHouben coach who will work with you throughout your growth journey into a Conscious Leader.

This is the first Executive Leadership Programme with an embedded „Lead Your Self“ Aiducation Academy for future leaders in Kenya.

Your Leadership Growth Journey at


Phase I

Intense Intake – Switzerland

The 2-day secluded Intake-Offsite provides you with an environment for deep introspection and learning. The highly dynamic learning setting with short inputs, individual and small group reflection, 1:1 coaching serves to understand your leadership footprint, root cause motivations, and individual purpose. The trustful learning setting in a highly selective group of 10 executives enables you to safely articulate your thoughts, personal reflections and take-aways. In close collaboration, your coach will support you defining your Development Trajectory and help you prepare for your “Leader as a coach” role in Kenya. 

Phase II

Explorative Leadership Learning – Kenya

The 5-day highly experiential “Lead Your Self Academy” with talents in Kenya, designed to be both challenging and invigorating, expand your self-awareness and consciousness. The “Leader as a coach” role will get you out of your comfort zone: You teach what you have learned in Phase I and provide individual coaching and mentoring for future leaders in Kenya to support their personal growth and professional development. While serving for meaningful impact, you continuously reflect and immerse into your own personal and professional journey. Supported by your coaches, you will leave the experiential leadership learning in Kenya with a deep insight of who you are today and who you can become.

Phase III

Anchoring Continuous Self-growth – calls/ meetings

For the remainder of the last 2 months, you work with your coach to convert your Development Trajectory into day-to-day life, translating new mindsets and behaviours into impactful actions.

Your peer group at


What we promise

EXPLORING LEADERSHIP is unique, bespoke, and by application only.

Designed for senior executives who are or aspire to be in a C-suite role and similar high-caliber positions, participants are chosen based on application and an interview by DierkeHouben Leadership Partners.

We will create a small cohort of participants drawn from complementary backgrounds, based on similarities in experience, future potential, and ability to contribute to the peer group.

What we expect - You…

  • have a minimum of 5 years senior executive experience as part of at least 12 years in management (e.g. head of product division, region or other business unit within the private or public sector)
  • and – most important – you have the personal curiosity, openness and will to self-reflect, learn, experiment.

Senior executives without current managerial responsibilities and consultants with senior-level client experience are invited to discuss their participation with us. We will evaluate each application.


Transformational partnership for your growth

Jointly, Dierke Houben Leadership Partners and Aiducation International have created a unique Leadership Growth Programme that inspire and transform senior leaders.

These two impact leaders in their respective fields integrate complementary experience in working with global senior leaders on the one hand and talents in developing countries on the other to deliver truely transformative results. We share one goal: building and nurturing a new generation of Conscious Leaders to build and transform the future.

Thus, for your growth we blend explorative leadership learning in Kenya with experienced coaching and cutting edge insights that unlock a leader’s potential.

A co-creative partnership for


We are deeply passionate about developing leaders for the
Next Generation C-suite!

Explorative leadership learning
is the most effective way to
personal growth.

Aiducation International, founded in 2007, is an international “for impact” non-profit organization (NPO) in the field of education. Aiducation has raised more than 1’600 scholarships (> CHF 4.5m) from 2007-18. Students supported by Aiducation belong to the 10% top performers of their peer group. Aiducation is active in Kenya, Ghana, Philippines.

Aiducation has extended its focus to supporting the personal growth and development of talents through Mentorship and Leadership Academies. Aiducation…

  • Has raised more than 1.0m CHF from foundations and companies to run these academies.
  • Implemented more than 40 Academies in Kenya, Ghana and Philippines. Are ready to broaden their approach to Tanzania.
  • More than 2000 AiduTalents benefited from these Academies.
  • Swiss Re, Roche, Ernst & Young, BDO, Synpulse, Zühlke among supporting Corporations.



Develop into a Conscious Leader for Next Generation C-suite:
Grow yourself by helping others grow

Senior Leadership Programme in Switzerland and Kenya


Bespoke, small-group Leadership Growth Journey for 10 senior executives


3-month programme AUTUMN 2019:

  • October, 11-12, 2019, Switzerland
  • November, 11-15, 2019, Kenya
  • 3 months, Coaching

Applications closed. Next wave: SUMMER 2020.

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