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A new Top Team Programme to sharpen your awareness for and your management of Cognitive Biases in decision-making

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What`s unique about DE-BIASING


From the C-Suite for the C-Suite:
Led by C-level Master Coaches
+ Boardroom Insiders


3-month Programme “designed-to-impact”

  • 2 Residencies of 3 days in total
  • 1:1 Coaching throughout
  • Digital Guide for daily self-management

Top Team
growing collectively as a
joint Learning Community

Decision-making in disruptive times

confronts you as the Team at the Top with unprecedented complexity and pressure. Your decisions are prone to routine thinking or biases – you sense: as a Top Team you have to unchain your brain.

Whenever companies get into rough seas, the verdict is quickly stated: Management failure! But managers are only human beings: Research shows that even the most intellectually-gifted professionals default to biases. Your ability to think critically and see patterns drives your success. But our thinking gets entrenched or falls back to shortcuts. You may observe these failings in others without recognizing them in yourself. DE-BIASING helps you avoid these pitfalls: you identify your individual and collective biases and prepare yourself for more effective decision-making.

Distorted perceptions tempt managers like everyone else to judge, decide and act irrationally. But at the top, the consequences can be dramatic: Biases and thinking routines in the C-level team are the root causes for poor decisions at the top – they result in collectively less effective decisions as the high individual IQ in the boardroom would suggest. DE-BIASING is not going to tell how to negotiate a merger or to structure your portfolio. But your success is about more than these technical skills. It is about the way you build awareness and manage your individual and collective biases and thinking routines.

Let us state clearly: Errors of perception or biases are not weaknesses of individual managers, but human. These distortions are caused by our highly efficient, automatically and unconsciously working mental “routine system”, which judges quickly. The problem with this intuitive system? It is susceptible to errors and tempts managers to act only in routines. So: What biases shape your own and your team`s decision-making? And how to cleverly avoid those biases?

How DE-BIASING boosts your impact

Key challenge. Taming collective biases and cracking routine thinking for better decision-making is one of the key leadership challenges today. We guide you into deep introspection AND offer inspiration for joint thinking.

Unchain your brain. You identify individual and collective biases that can get in your way to perform at your best and learn how to continuously manage routine thinking traps jointly as a team.

Joint learning. You will embark as top team on a joint learning journey, thus securing the growth of each individual member AND the team. Positive peer pressure and the collective experience secure lasting results.

Real-life effective. DE-BIASING is designed-to-impact in 3 months. Between two Residency Modules, we support you with 1:1 Coaching and our Digital Guide, offering daily practices to lift your self-awareness and self-management on-the-job in 12 weeks.

DE-BIASING elevates your game as a Top Team

Risk of falling short


Do you know your individual and your team`s collective biases? Neuroscience research shows that even top managers default to biases. Thinking routines can easily turn into a Fixed Mindset that endanger effective decision-making.

Mastering de-biasing


DE-BIASING helps you to face the challenges that come with routine thinking. You will identify and master individual and collective biases – by learning about latest Neuroscience insights…



… and elevating your game through sharpened self-awareness + self-management as an executive and as a team. You arm yourself with pragmatic and simple methods against biases or perception errors at the top.

Customized approach


DE-BIASING offers a systematic approach throughout 3 months to lift your self-awareness and self-management to a higher level. It combines 2 Residency Modules off-the-job, 1:1 coaching and digitally guided daily practices – thus creating immediate return for your team and yourself.

You and your team

Your are leading a C-level team – each peer with many years in the executive fastlane. But you are aware that in these times of disruption any routine thinking – even if rooted in past success – is a barrier to access your full potential as a top team.

For you and your team, self-renewal is imperative: Staying ahead of the challenge means staying curious, courageous and committed to personal growth. Being a Conscious C-level Leader requires mental agility.

While confronted with the challenge to perform in a complex and ambiguous environment, you have to sustain the mental energy to transform yourself for continuous self-growth – as an individual and jointly as a team.

1:1 coaching
+ peer work



Module 1


Module 2

Digital Self-learning
+ Coaching

Module  3



Alumni Circle
Network + Events

Conscious action
through reflection

Programme structure

A 3-month Collective Growth Journey as a Team

Prior to the start of Module 1, you will prepare with a Check-In Questionnaire and Pre-work to be ready for the joint start.

In Residency Modules 1+3, your programme leads and coaches will support you with current leadership thinking and a blend of methods, including INSEAD group coaching, Harvard case-in-point teaching, attention training and mindfulness practices. You will have ample time to reflect individually and collectively. This will ensure translating your new awareness into impactful actions.

During Module 2, the 3-month Self-learning Phase between the Residency Modules, you will act yourself collectively with your peers into a new self-awareness, led by your Coach and our Digital Guide: Each day you are offered input, tasks for reflection and train-the-brain micro-techniques to lift your self-awareness and self-management. You will deepen and transfer your insights into regular team behaviour.

After the programme, you will be invited to join our exclusive Alumni Circle. Thus, you will get connected with other C-level peers to refresh or deepen your learnings and to have frank, reflective exchange.


Dr Kai W. Dierke
C-level Coach + Advisor,
Professor for Leadership


Dr Anke Houben
C-level Coach + Advisor,
Professor for Leadership

We strongly believe that times of disruption call for the Conscious Leader

Leaders who are true game changers at the top display a unique blend of  strengthened awareness:
They are aware of their individual purpose to build strength from within. They are aware of their self, their own strengths and limiting patterns. They are aware of the complex social dynamics in the world around them. And they are aware of the demanding leadership context they want to contribute.

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