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Our EXPLORING LEADERSHIP Programme: Develop into a Conscious Leader for Next Generation C-suite

EXPLORING LEADERSHIP is a unique Leadership Programme for 10 senior executives to grow as Conscious Leaders: inspired by a strong purpose, in a disruptive context out of your comfort zone, with a blended design of experience, reflection, and practice. Deadline for applications for our EXPLORING LEADERSHIP Programme, that takes you to Switzerland and Kenya, is August 15, 2019. We offer an Early Bird prize until July 1st, 2019.

Being a Conscious Leader in the Next Generation C-suite is demanding.

The Next Generation C-suite is much more purpose-driven, collaboration-focused and non-authoritative than in the past. It challenges you to perform in a complex and ambiguous environment – while maintaining the adaptability for continuous self-growth. With EXPLORING LEADERSHIP we created a unique learning context that is designed to mimic this challenge: You will coach future leaders in Kenya and by this grow YOURSELF as a leader. You`ll experience what it means to adapt and grow your self in a disruptive setting – in order to help others grow.

Our approach to leadership development differs from standard programmes – it follows 3 principles, based on our more than 20 years experience in executive positions, as coaches to CEOs and their teams, and as architects and facilitators of leadership programmes inhouse and at HHL Graduate School of Management:

  1. You grow best when connected to a strong purpose
  2. You grow best when outside your comfort zone
  3. You grow best when helping others to grow.

This is how we support you – and what you learn.

  • We help you to identify your life`s purpose – and how to live up to it: You`ll understand your life’s crucibles and connect to your individual purpose – to lead authentically from your inner core.
  • We support you to understand your strengths + weaknesses – and how to balance them: You`ll develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence – to consciously lead your self and others.
  • We coach you to coach Kenyan talents – and how to experiment as a leader: You`ll stretch your self out of your comfort zone – to make a meaningful contribution to Kenyan future leaders.
  • We challenge you to anchor your learnings – and how to translate them into daily practice: You`ll harness your experiences, personal reflections and learnings into actions in your leadership work.

To offer you this unique Senior Leadership Programme we cooperate with NGO AIDUCATION International, founded in Switzerland, active in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Philippines.

Develop into a Conscious Leader for Next Generation C-Suite: Grow yourself by helping others grow

Senior Leadership Programme in Switzerland and Kenya

WHO: Bespoke Leadership Growth Journey for Senior Executives, limited to 10 participants only

WHEN: 3-month programme AUTUMN 2019:   

  • Offsite 1, October, 11+12, 2019, Switzerland
  • Offsite 2, November, 11-15, 2019, Kenya
  • Coaching, 3 months

HOW: Programme Intake in Switzerland and Explorative Learning Journey in Kenya will be in English. Individual coaching will be in English or German as you like.

Deadline for applications: August 15, 2019, for Early Birds: July 1st, 2019.

Check our website for more information and application details: EXPLORING LEADERSHIP

We are looking forward to help you developing into a Conscious Leader.


Anke Houben & Kai W. Dierke, DierkeHouben Leadership Partners

DierkeHouben Leadership Partners is a Premier Leadership Coaching and Development Boutique for C-suite Leaders and top talents stepping up to highest leadership roles.

Our Leadership Coaching and Leadership Programmes serve a single purpose: Growing Conscious Leaders for the Next Generation C-suite – ambitious to transform themselves, their teams and their organisations to thrive in times of disruption.

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