Leadership Keynotes

Inspire yourself and your Management Team with challenging perspectives.

Based on our profound experience in Top Management Coaching, Leadership Development and Leadership Teaching, we are often asked by our clients to provide catchy keynotes or reflective impulses on Top 100 Conferences or Leadership Meetings. We cover a wide range of topics on Top Teams, Leadership and Collaboration, like… 

  • CEO 4.0 needed:
    Why digitization calls for a Chief Enabling Officer 
  • Alphas “in arms”
    Why Collective Leadership matters
  • Biases, Barriers, Behaviours at the Top: 
    How to capture your RoC “Return on Collaboration”
  • Leadership goes digital:
    What to strengthen, change and stop
  • The Mastery of the “AND”:
    How to enable your Top 100 for efficieny AND innovation
  • Top Team Paradox: 
    How to manage the Alpha Syndrome at the top
  • Traps at the Top:
    How to master dysfunctional Top Team Collaboration

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