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It`s the mindset, not the tool: 5 Agile Mindset Practices

“No matter what you ask – the answer is ‘agile’!” One of our clients is right: You`ll hear: Just introduce agile methods, teams, organizations! But most corporates are agility averse. A McKinsey study confirms our findings: mindset + behaviours are the biggest obstacles to success.

Here´s another truth: Leaders fail as role models for agile mindset not by bad intention, but inattention: Classic management practices are still prominent: Execution, not exploration; decision, not dialogue; optimization, not disruption; action, not reflection. We need a 180° shift in operating mode.

We recommend these 5 Agile Mindset Practices to turn into a frontrunner of agility:

1. Embrace your ignorance:
Listen + think from a place of not knowing to discover the unexpected!

2. Radically reframe problems:
Focus on adaptive challenges, not limited symptom solutions!

3. Pause to move faster:
Create space for reflection in action!

4. Experiment with yourself:
Think of yourself as a living laboratory to make learning exciting!

5. Give a purpose, not objectives:
Lead towards a meaningful direction, no pre-defined destination!

Sounds simple? Yes! Hard to practice? Sure! But it is your pathway towards an agile Conscious Leader!

We are curious about your experiences!

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