Team Alignment in the C-suite

  • Do you have to boost trust-based alignment in your new executive team?
  • Does your team lack joint commitment and discipline in strategy execution?
  • Do underlying frictions harm the performance of your executive team?

Time is up for the heroic leader. What has been visible since years, is a must today: No single leader can cope with the complex challenges in our VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). Direction and decision-making at the top requires the richness of all perspectives for a joint solution, based on a strong collaborative approach. An aligned, effective top team role-modeling effective collaboration is the key driver for organisational performance.

High performing teams at the top, however, are a rare species. Why so? The great talents and proven track records of the individual members are potential building blocks of a Top Team Paradox: Representation dynamics and siloistic mindsets, hidden or open turf issues, and shifting loyalties are typical forces that work against team alignment. This is why top teams often face the risk to get stuck. As a result, the team`s collaboration asset remains under-leveraged and the performance potential untapped – starting at the top and trickling throughout the organisation.

In these typical situations you ask us for support…

  • align your team after stepping in as a new leader
  • energize and focus your team on new strategy
  • overcome dysfunctional patterns in team collaboration.

Non-teams at the top are the rule.

To fully harvest the Collaboration Premium, we help executive teams to focus on 5 drivers:

Reality Zoom. Jointly confront strategy-relevant facts, translating the often avoided soft team issues into hard, managerial issues.

Trust. Jointly master the leap of faith, surfacing the tacit assumptions and perceptions “in the room” that bloc effective collaboration.

Dynamics. Practice productive conflict as key driver for collaboration and indicator for the quality of the team’s dialogue.

Alignment. Orchestrate the dialogue to develop joint focus and commitment on where to lead the organisation and how to get there.

Renewal. Ensure the team`s adaptive ability, reflecting jointly on blind spots and steps of growth, both as a team and as an individual member.

We support senior teams to harvest the Collaboration Premium.

Our focus is to help senior teams build the adaptive capabilities required to bring about transformation in the organisation. Our customized Senior Team Journey starts with diagnostic interviews to prepare for a series of team workshops. Most clients appreciate our complementary offers like board shadow coaching and individual coaching to speed up collaboration performance.

We see top team dysfunctions occurring naturally for reasons like lack of trust, avoidance of conflict, weakness of commitment, inattention to joint results. By enhancing the team´s awareness, we build the fundament that enables to cope with those specific dysfunctional dynamics that hamper team performance. Working with senior teams through a tailor-made diagnostics of their specific team dynamics, we provide new lenses for a deeper understanding of the underlying complex forces that drive individual behaviours.

With our unique techniques, we effectively translate the often avoided soft team issues into hard, managerial issues. We combine our proven, proprietary instruments:

  • Top Team Dynamics Model
  • Top Team Performance Review or
  • Top Team Leadership Review

to trigger structured reflection and dialogue within the team for measurable, lasting results.

Speed up as a High Performing Executive Team?

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