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  • Are you ready to perform in the Next Generation C-suite?
  • Do you want to lead authentically from your purpose?
  • Do you have to strengthen your leadership capacity to thrive in disruptive times?

We live in disruptive times. These times call for a new quality of leaders in the C-suite. Facing enormous business opportunities and challenges great leaders need a strong inner compass in order to adapt quickly in rapidly changing contexts. We strongly believe that this is the time for The Conscious Leader: Leaders who embody a fierce professional will and a personal humbleness, willing to transform themselves to transform their teams and their organisations.

Conscious Leaders are true game changers at the top through their unique blend of 3 Cs: Connectedness, Consciousness and Contribution. They connect to their individual purpose to build strength from within. They are conscious about themselves, their own strengths and limiting patterns, and the complex dynamics in the world around them. And they know how to unfold their full contribution potential, especially in demanding leadership contexts.

Providing outstanding leadership of this kind is not a “technical” managerial capability – it is a highly “adaptive” leadership capacity: It requires deep awareness of the personal, interpersonal and organisational dynamics in order to respond to what matters most.

In these typical situations you ask us for support…

  • onboard as CEO or in new C-suite role
  • create your leadership footprint in new executive position
  • acquire the Conscious Leader repertoire to inspire yourself and your team for the next level of performance.

Leaders are not born, they are grown.

In our coaching work, we develop Conscious Leaders by focusing on 5 drivers of self-growth:

Reality Zoom. Confront feedback, reflect others` perceptions and understand the consequences of own behaviour.

Self-awareness. Become conscious about self, own strengths, risk of strengths in overdrive, blind spots and underlying root causes.

True North. Reflect one`s inner world, basic assumptions and connect to individual purpose to build strength from within.

Reading “the context”. Expand consciousness through “reflection in action” – understanding stakeholders, their perceptions and their assumptions.

Self-growth. Manage the self as a growth project to stay in continuous reflection and development mode, with concrete actions and supporting structures.

We help senior executives to grow into Conscious Leaders.

In our coaching, we take leaders on a journey of self-growth and learning. Highest self-awareness is the single most important lever to access the full leadership potential. We strengthen our clients` adaptive leadership capacities by guiding them through a three-dimensional process centered around self-reflection, self-engagement and self-monitoring. We challenge executives’ perspectives and enable them to switch between personal involvement and self-observation, from “Dance Floor to Balcony” – for delivering superior leadership results.

Mastery in leadership does not evolve naturally: Personal mental models and inner worlds – paired with a lack of honest personal feedback in the C-suite habitat – work as invisible forces against a leader’s full potential. Our individual leadership coaching puts the so-called soft issues into actionable categories. We combine reflective dialogue, shadow coaching, case-in-point-feedback in the board room with our proprietary instrument Leadership Footprint Review and/ or client specific 360° Feedback.

Our interview-based feedback diagnostic involves the leader`s full eco-system of stakeholders, integrating quantitative and qualitative feedback from the business for immediate transfer of insights into visible behavior change.

Speed up as a Conscious Leader?

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