Change from the Top

  • Do you have to shift your company`s culture towards agile mindsets and behaviours?
  • Do you want your Top 100 act as role-models for a mindset of innovation and adaptability?
  • How to infect your people with bottom-up explorative change?

More than every before adaptability and change are the preconditions for lasting success. But 70% of change initiatives fail. The classical transformation approach based on cascading change is ineffective in a VUCA environment: deficit-focused on burning platform and linear, it is sluggish and activates resistance – open or tacit Below-the-Waterline. Why so? Mainly because successful culture change needs to build on fundamental aspects of human mindset and behaviour.

Culture change towards agile mindset and behaviour is only successful if it is itself based on agile principles: Growth Focus, People First, Exploration + Adaptation, Empowerment, Self-organisation. These are the key drivers of our effective culture change approach: Agile Transformation from within by Grassroots.

Grassroot Initiatives focus on small scale behaviour change (HOW) with immediate impact on the daily business (WHAT) – there is no trade-off between “Perform” and “Transform”. Thus, they are meaningful experiments self-defined by managers on different levels that address critical mindset and behaviour challenges – e.g. in leadership, decision-making, x-functional/ x-national collaboration, end-to-end ownership.

In these typical situations you ask us for support…

  • energize your executive team and Top 100 for transformation
  • anchor new behaviours in daily business practices
  • speed up agile transformation throughout your company.

Top-down culture change is ineffective in disruptive times.

In our culture change work, we address the mindset and behaviour challenge effectively by building on 5 principles:

Growth Focus. Bold ambition with clear direction and timing to create real momentum – instead of burning platform.

People First. Change by infection, driven by the people for the people – instead of massive cascading top-down.

Exploration + Adaptation. Highest freedom for meaningful experiments with zero tolerance for not experimenting – instead of implementing pre-defined actions.

Empowerment. Decentral multiple behaviour innovation cells – instead of one single huge change project with central steering.

Self-organisation. In the business, by the business, for the business – instead of stand-alone culture programme driven by designated “change agents”.

We support executive teams to initiate Change.

In our change work, we focus on transformation by infection, starting at the top. Culture change requires a clear purpose and direction, strong master-minding and coaching as well as an effective communication support.

First, you can’t create what you can’t define! We help top teams to see through the “fog of culture”. In our Top 100 approach to culture change, we support our clients to define a clear ambition in the HOW: which dysfunctional behaviour patterns do they have to get rid of (e.g. lack of customer centricity, siloism, risk aversion, avoidance of accountability).

Second, it all starts at the top! We support top teams to act relentlessly as a role model for the aspired behaviours by constantly providing feedback in a reflective dialogue with the top team. Top-down initiation and disciplined role modeling are crucial for persistent and successful culture transformation.

Third, engage all levers and hold steady! With our proprietary and proven Top 100 Leadership Camps, we create a feedback-rich, self-energizing process of transforming leadership practices throughout the organisation. Based on teaching, group action-learning, individual customized 360° feedback we enable business leaders with the reflective competencies they need to bring the aspired culture into being.

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