What we believe.

Self-awareness to counter self-delusion.
Great leaders are highly self-aware and understand the “I” in the problem definition.

Self-delusion is the single biggest trap for a leader. We enable senior leaders to become aware of their strengths, their unproductive flaws and the underlying roots. Starting with the “man or woman in the mirror” and understanding their own contribution to a situation is key to build trust and strengthen a positive Shadow of Leader(s). It is the most important precondition to thrive in Next Generation C-suite.

Holistic Consciousness to overcome tunnel view.
Great leaders are not only aware of their inner world, but also of the world around them.

“Reading the context” and full consciousness of behavioural patterns in the broader context are key to highly adaptive leadership capabilities. We enable leaders to connect to the bigger stakeholder picture in order to be able to respond to what matters most. Thus, they are able to address the issues at hand on a fundamental level and are not trapped in superficial symptom solutions.

Emotional Intelligence to counterbalance IQ.
Great leaders understand others` emotions and the consequences of their actions – to better connect to others.

Emotional Intelligence as a social, emotional skill is learnable and a better predictor of success than IQ. We enable leaders to read and understand any leadership situation from different perspectives, connecting with others on a deeper level.

Purpose-driven Growth-Mind to break Brain Chains.
Great leaders perceive challenges in personal development as growth potential – to energize others for change.

Behaviour is driven by the way we think and feel. We enable leaders to connect to their inner worlds and identify limiting beliefs – what we call Brain Chains – that are holding them back. Acting from a different mindset, connected to their individual purpose, they are able to make the step from compulsion to choice, transform their behaviour and inspire others.

Psychological Safety to avoid performance contest.
Great leaders build trust-based working relationships as the glue that binds people together in organisations.

We often observe a superficial cartel of harmony in executive teams – to cover what`s underneath the surface: siloism, fear of loss, blaming, unproductive conflict. The key lever for productive collaboration is trust, an atmosphere of Psychological Safety where the truth is heard. We enable leaders to build trust with their teams and organisations as a solid basis for healthy relationships, alignment, and productive conflict for best results.



How we work.

Leadership performance as a hard business issue.

We turn the often avoided soft factors of leadership performance into hard managerial issues – thus helping our clients to improve their leadership and collaboration behaviours in the context of their business issues at hand. This is why we have impact. We support our clients to focus on the underlying performance challenges, rooted in personal, interpersonal, systemic dynamics in the world around them – and the interplay in-between.

Short, impact-driven interventions.

Effective top executive or team development is a contact sport – an action-learning experience with a focus on real world results. We enable lasting behaviour change by engaging our clients in challenging interventions, in workshops, in the boardroom or our Leadership Programmes. We mirror back the unique dynamics in individual and team behaviours – in order to initiate meaningful, impact focused dialogues amongst our clients. We believe that top executives’ attention and commitment to leadership development is a scarce resource.

Challenging, to-the-point analytics.

Getting from good to great leadership starts with confronting the brutal facts. In our head-on approach, we combine clear managerial language and consulting-hardened analytic rigor with the insights from psychodynamics and systems thinking. Based on our diagnosis, we customize our actions to the situation at hand, ready to take risks and challenge our clients’ thinking and perceptions.

Tailor-made, effective techniques.

We believe that the most important leadership challenges today are adaptive challenges. Performance is not driven primarily by technical solutions like structures and processes. Thus, we support our clients in developing adaptive leadership capabilities: an Inner Leadership Compass that helps them navigating through non-linear personal, interpersonal, and organisational dynamics in the specific business context.

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