Dierke Houben Insights NO 1/16
Top Team Paradox: How to get beyond the alpha syndrome at the top

Article, originally published in German, in: managerSeminare. Das Magazin für Führungskräfte, Heft 188 (November 2013)

„Teams at the top are non-teams: groups of highly self-assertive alpha executives, whose autopilots direct them to thrive primarily for individual results. But lasting outstanding corporate performance can only be achieved through a collective logic of performance in the team at the top. CEOs and their top teams have to master thoroughly Seven Disciplines of Team Success to overcome the barriers that block effective team performance.“
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Dierke Houben Insights NO 2/16
Teaming the Unteamables: How Alpha Managers become an Alpha Team

Interview, originally published in German, in: OrganisationsEntwicklung. Zeitschrift für Unternehmensentwicklung und Change Management, No. 4/14 (October 2014)

„Alpha managers’ strengths are top team’s burden. In an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile world, effective collaboration in the C-suite is a key lever for success. Yet too often, non-teams prevail at the top: Individualistic mindsets and unilateral agendas of alpha executives determine the path taken, thus leaving significant potential untapped. In order to realize the full “Return on Collaboration”, teams have to develop a practice of reflective dialogue.“
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