• Do you know your personal leadership performance gap?
  • How do you improve your leadership in a feedback-free environment at the top?
  • Which "shadow of the leader" do you cast on your top team and organisation?
  • Why should anyone be led by you?
  • How do you lead and navigate your executive team effectively through crisis? 

Client challenges
Typical situations we are asked to step in…
  • Making leaders effective in on-boarding and taking charge in new company
  • Creating top executive's personal leadership footprint in attitude and behaviours
  • Building awareness about own leadership strengths and challenges
  • Broadening leader's perspective on team composition, dynamics, effectiveness
  • Ensuring in-depth understanding of organisation dynamics and culture. 

Our expertise
Mastery in leadership does not evolve naturally: Personal mental models and inner theatres – paired with a lack of honest personal feedback in the board room habitat and the burden of responsibity towards multiple stakeholders – work as invisible forces against leveraging a leader's full potential. High performance leaders are not born, they are shaped through a process of personal growth and learning.

Working with top executives through a three-dimensional process centered around self-reflection, self-engagement and self-monitoring, we challenge their perspectives and enable them to switch between personal involvement and self-observation. Our coaching based on our Leadership Footprint Review puts the so-called soft issues into actionable categories – for immediate transfer of insights into visible behaviours.
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