• Does your executive team perform at its full potential?
  • How do you overcome persistent turf battles in the top team?
  • How do members contribute to ineffective dynamics in your executive team?
  • How does the organisation perceive your top team's leadership performance?
  • How do you build a resilient top team facing negative business dynamics?

Client challenges
Typical situations we are asked to step in…
  • Shifting the top team's practices and dynamics towards high effectiveness
  • Developing the executive team's performance in new business unit structure
  • Aligning the new executive team in post-merger situation
  • Improving executive team collaboration cross-functional and cross-cultural
  • Enabling the executive team to thrive after change in ownership structure.

Our expertise
Representation dynamics, hidden or open turf issues, and shifting loyalties are typical forces that work against natural team alignment. To fully leverage the team asset at the top, executive teams have one critical lever at hand: disciplined collaboration based on enhanced team awareness.

Working with top teams through a tailor-made diagnostics of their specific team dynamics, we provide new lenses for a deeper understanding of the underlying complex forces that drive individual behaviours. We see top team disfunctions occuring naturally for reasons like lack of trust, avoidance of conflict, weakness of commitment, inattention to joint results. By enhancing team awareness, we build the fundament that enables teams to cope with those specific disfunctional dynamics that hamper team performance.
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