• What are the key dimensions of your company's cultural DNA?
  • What is the behaviour gap to high performance on the top leadership levels?
  • How can your top team and top 100 role model aspired leadership behaviours?
  • How can you mobilize your top 100 for measurable cultural change?
  • How can you monitor changes in leadership performance over time?

Client challenges
Typical situations we are asked to step in…
  • Developing a strategy-focused leadership framework with the top team 
  • Initiating the development of a NewCo culture in post-merger situations
  • Engaging top 100 effectively in role modeling a high performance culture
  • Anchoring new feedback-rich leadership culture in the organisation
  • Shaping executive team's culture transformation agenda and roadmap.

Our expertise
Against managerial wisdom, culture is a simple thing: Underneath the enabling technicalities of culture embedded in people systems and structures like performance management, reward systems, and talent development, culture is behaviour: it is the attitudes and behaviours of all members of the organisation, starting at the top and all the way through. Thus, transforming the corporate culture is not about culture events, nor can it be delegated to the HR department – it is, first of all, the leaders' game.

Working with executives to create a strong, healthy and performance-driven culture, we focus on three crucial tasks: First, we help top teams to understand current features and key drivers for organisational behaviours – a point of departure for a clear managerial perspective on the behaviour gap and 'their' transformation agenda. Second, we support the team to act relentlessly as a role model for the aspired behaviours. Third, we enable business leaders to orchestrate a feedback-rich, self-energizing process of transforming leadership practices across the organisation.
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