A strong, healthy and performance-driven culture is one of the outstanding competitive adventages for any organisation. It is the organisation's mental software that ensures disciplined execution of strategies, real customer delight, full engagement from employees, and highest operational efficiency.

Against managerial wisdom, however, culture is a simple thing: Underneath the enabling technicalities of culture embedded in people systems and structures like performance management, reward systems, and talent development, culture is behaviour: it is the attitudes and behaviours of all members of the organisation, starting at the top and all the way through. Thus, there is one single factor that fundamentally shapes an organisation's culture: the "shadow of its leaders". Transforming the corporate culture is not about culture events, nor can it be delegated to the HR department – it is, first of all, the leaders' game. It is a top team driven process, focused on building the behavioural assets for improved business performance. Mobilizing for culture transformation requires leaders acting as role models on all levels of the organisation – starting with the team at the top.

Working with executive teams to mobilize for a business focused culture transformation we focus on three crucial tasks:

First, you can't create what you can't define! Based on our proven Organisation Culture Inventory, we help top teams to see through the "fog of culture". Using a deep understanding of current features and key drivers for organisational behaviours as a point of departure, we enable them to develop a company specific leadership framework, to define the behaviour gap, and to tailor their transformation roadmap.

Second, it all starts at the top! By constantly providing feedback in a reflective dialogue with the top team, we support the team to act relentlessly as a role model for the aspired behaviours. Culture transformation is a line responsibility. Top-down initiation and role modeling are crucial for persistent and successful culture transformation.

Third, engage all levers and hold steady! As experts in anchoring new leadership practices through tailor-made leadership development, we enable business leaders throughout the organisation with the reflective competencies they need to make the aspired culture a reality – in their concrete business environment. Key focus is to orchestrate a feedback-rich, self-energizing process of transforming leadership practices across the organisation.

In working with us, top teams …
  • understand the connection between culture, behaviour, and business results
  • understand their contribution as role models for a high performance culture
  • learn to leverage the leaders throughout their organisation for culture change
  • share with their leaders on all levels a joint leadership agenda  
  • thus, systematically build up the behavioural asset base for lasting success.
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