High performance leaders are the driving forces in any highly successful organisation. The "shadow of leader" fundamentally shapes the attitudes and behaviours of the followers, peers, and other stakeholders.

The complexity and ambition level required for highest organisational performance call for capabilities beyond excellent management – they call for high performance leadership. Outstanding leadership is more than a "technical" managerial skill – it is an "adaptive" capacity considering and working with the non-linear personal, interpersonal, and organisational dynamics in order to engage people for delivering superior results. Thus, high performance leadership is not about discovering just another "12 simple secrets", it is about developing an "inner compass".  

However, mastery in leadership does not evolve naturally: Personal mental models and inner theatres – paired with a lack of honest personal feedback in the board room habitat and the burden of responsibity towards multiple stakeholders – work as invisible forces against leveraging a leader's full potential. As a result, the leaders' shadow may severely limit organisational performance.

High performance leaders are not born, they are shaped through a process of personal growth and learning. To access their leadership potential, the single most important lever for leaders is highest self-awareness. Working with top executives through a three-dimensional process centered around self-reflection, self-engagement and self-monitoring, we strengthen their adaptive capacities: We challenge executives' perspectives and enable them to switch between personal involvement and self-observation, from "dance floor" to "balcony" – for delivering superior leadership results.

Our individual leadership coaching puts the so-called soft issues into actionable categories, combining reflective dialogue, shadow coaching, case-in-point-feedback in the board room with our proprietary Leadership Footprint Review. This feedback diagnostics combines personal dynamics with situational feedback from the business – for immediate transfer of insights into visible behaviours.

In working with us, top executives…
  • understand the relation between personal dynamics and leadership success
  • improve self-awareness based on a fact-based view of their mental model
  • get multi-perspective feedback on dynamics their behaviours unleash in others
  • learn to leverage the critical behavioural drivers for better team performance
  • thus, they acquire the adaptive leadership repertoire for enhanced value creation.
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