Amongst all forces shaping the dynamics within an organisation, the team at the top is the most critical one: Organisations have a strong inclination towards re-enacting the attitudes and behaviours of their leadership team. Thus, aligned, effective top teams are the key driver for organisational performance.

High performing teams at the top, however, are a rare species. Why? The great talents and proven track records of the individual members are potential building blocks of a "top team paradox": Representation dynamics, hidden or open turf issues, and shifting loyalties are typical forces that work against natural team alignment. This is why top teams often face the risk to get stuck. As a result, the team asset remains under-leveraged and the performance potential untapped – starting at the top and trickling all the way down throughout the organisation.

To fully leverage the team asset at the top, executive teams have one critical lever at hand: disciplined thought and disciplined collaboration based on enhanced team awareness. Working with top teams through a tailor-made diagnostics of their specific team dynamics, we provide new lenses for a deeper understanding of the underlying complex forces that drive individual behaviours.

We see top team disfunctions occuring naturally for reasons like lack of trust, avoidance of conflict, weakness of commitment, inattention to joint results. In addition, each team is driven by its own very unique dynamic, rooted in personal, interpersonal and systemic patterns and the interplay in-between. By enhancing team awareness, we build the fundament that enables teams to cope with those specific disfunctional dynamics that hamper team performance.

With our unique social technique, we effectively translate the often avoided soft team issues into hard, managerial issues. We combine our proven, proprietary instruments to trigger structured reflection and dialogue within the team for measurable, positive results – depending on the issue at hand:
  • Top Team Dynamics Model (TDM)
  • Top Team Performance Review (TPR)
  • Top Team Leadership Review (TLR).

In working with us, executive teams…
  • get a managerial view on the specific team dynamics that hamper performance
  • understand the critical relation between team dynamics and business success
  • reflect the drivers and contributions of each member to the team dynamics
  • get multi-perspective feedback on their "leadership shadow" in the organisation
  • thus, they know how to leverage the critical drivers for top team effectiveness to create lasting results.
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