Leadership performance as a hard business issue
We turn the often avoided soft factors of leadership performance into hard managerial issues – thus helping our clients to improve their leadership and collaboration behaviors in the context of their business issues at hand. This is why we have impact. We support our clients to focus on the underlying perfomance challenges, rooted in personal, interpersonal, systems dynamics – and the interplay in-between.

Short, impact-driven interventions
Effective top executive or team coaching is a contact sport – an action-learning experience with a focus on real world results. We enable lasting behaviour change by engaging our clients in challenging interventions, in the boardroom or offsite. We mirror back the unique dynamics in individual and team behaviours – in order to initiate meaningful, impact focused dialogues amongst our clients. We believe that top executives' attention and commitment to leadership development is a scarce resource not to be wasted in steering comitees.

Challenging, to-the-point analytics
Getting from good to great leadership starts with confronting the brutal facts. In our head-on approach, we combine clear managerial language and consulting-hardened analytic rigor with the insights from psychodynamics and systems thinking. Based on our diagnosis, we customize our actions to the situation at hand, ready to take risks and challenge our clients' thinking and perceptions.

Tailor-made, effective techniques
We believe that the most important leadership challenges today are adaptive challenges. Performance is not driven primarily by technical solutions like structures and processes. Thus, we do not provide standard programmes or checklists, but support our clients in developing adaptive leadership capabilities: an "inner leadership compass" that helps navigating through non-linear personal, interpersonal, and organisational dynamics in the specific business context. 
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