Top Executive Coaching
  • Making leaders effective in on-boarding and taking charge in new company
  • Creating top executive's personal leadership footprint in attitude and behaviours
  • Building awareness about own leadership strengths and challenges
  • Broadening leader's perspective on team composition, dynamics, effectiveness
  • Ensuring in-depth understanding of organisation dynamics and culture. 

Executive Team Development
  • Shifting the top team's practices and dynamics towards high effectiveness
  • Developing the executive team's performance in new business unit structure
  • Aligning the new executive team in post-merger situation
  • Improving executive team collaboration cross-functional and cross-cultural
  • Enabling the executive team to thrive after change in ownership structure. 

Culture Transformation from the Top
  • Developing a strategy-focused leadership framework with the top team
  • Initiating the development of a NewCo culture in post-merger situations
  • Engaging top 100 effectively in role modeling a high performance culture
  • Anchoring new feedback-rich leadership culture in the organisation
  • Shaping executive team's culture transformation agenda and roadmap. 
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